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Benefit from proven expertise to create unique strategies and tactics that drive rapid growth.

Build greater market traction, and in less time.

We work with growth ambitious businesses across the region to accelerate growth and unlock their potential to scale effectively.

We’re looking to support the top 1000 SME business leaders in the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough region, who want to accelerate their existing business growth or fuel their demonstrable potential to scale.

Not quite there yet? We still have a wealth of fully funded support to get you on the right track too. So get in touch, it’s a win:win situation.

We’re committed to your long-term value creation.

We know that our services can help businesses, like yours, to solve their toughest challenges and realise their growth ambitions.

Potential challenges

  • Unfulfilled growth potential and low customer engagement
  • Unmotivated team or difficulty in attracting and retaining talent and skills
  • Cash flow difficulties and needing to secure critical equity investment
  • Low confidence in leadership capability and difficulty in expanding a professional network

How we can help

  • Develop clear strategy and tactics to build scalable growth in new and existing markets
  • Implement a breakthrough talent strategy to shape a performing team
  • Become investment-ready with tools and techniques to win critical capital
  • Empowered by your leadership development and peer network
  • Benefit from over £6m in grant funding to invest in business growth

Trust us with your growth.

Our team knows first-hand the challenges of achieving and sustaining high growth, we’ve been there and done it for ourselves.

Pivoting to capitalise on shifting markets? Been there. Needing to expand your customer base or appeal to a new segment? Done that. Doubling in size (twice), managing change or creating a performing team? Definitely got all those T-shirts.

We’ve also learned from each of the 22,000 businesses who have trusted us with their innovative startups, scaleups and high growth brands. And we bring this learning back into all that we do.

Success Stories

  • How Growth Works’ advice helped AgriGrub fill their sales pipeline and plan 14 new jobs

    Set up to combat climate change by reducing carbon emissions from food waste, AgriGrub have ambitious expansion plans. AgriGrub use food waste to grow Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL), which they sell (as live calci worms) to wild bird food distributors. BSFL can also be fed to livestock, while BSFL manure acts as a natural pesticide.

  • How Growth Works’ Grant Funding Unlocked The Next Step In Flusso’s Commercial Evolution

    The Company Nominated by UK publication Electronics Weekly for an Elektra award as an international Start-up Electronics Business of the Year, our client, Flusso, is a genuinely innovative, ambitious and cutting-edge company spun out from Cambridge University. Having developed the world’s smallest flow sensor, Flusso’s mission is to re-write the rules on flow sensing solutions…

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