Tim Davies: Projekt Rising

Having identified a niche in the market, Tim Davies and co-founder Oli Corder, launched Projekt Rising in March 2017.

The business aims to deliver projects for their customers using teams of freelancers and machine cloud intelligence.  Freelancers use their online project delivery platform, enabling them to deliver to their clients with minimal project management overhead. 

Projekt Rising

Tim joined Peer Networks, having had some previous experience of peer networking.  He found that this was a great experience in terms of his professional development, and it has acted as a sounding board for aspects of his business with people he would not normally have access to.  He liked the fully remote/ Zoom-based model of peer networking, as he felt the peers were far more open than they probably would be if they were in a room together.  He found they were able to build strong relationships in this situation, and some of whom he now is able to reach out to on a 1-2-1 basis for their advice.

He said:

“Peer Networking is a fantastic sounding board for your business to get insights and input and support in the ongoing growth of your business and any challenges that you are currently experiencing.  The environment has been incredibly supportive and every session has been really inciteful and supportive to every person who has brought their challenges for discussion in the sessions”.

Projekt Rising has initially focused on serving the pharmaceutical industry, with all of their growth to date coming from word of mouth referrals.  They support their current customers (over 90% being global pharma companies) with the production of marketing materials for new medicines or new product releases. 

All growth to date has been organic, and Tim and Oli are not sales people by nature.  They have experience solution-selling and are comfortable with this aspect of the sales process. One of the challenges that Tim brought to his Peer Network was ‘what do we do differently in this space and what are some of the angles that we have not considered in terms of Sales channels’.  He says that the group was fantastic in offering up potential paths for him to evaluate which he says he would never have considered previously. 

“You go into things with blinkers based on your experiences and when you join Peer Networks, you get to engage with people who have taken different career paths and with experience in different companies and sectors. Sometimes what was suggested as blatantly obvious – but having the forum where you just ask, ‘what other options are there?’ and having those options put out in front of you in with complete positivity is very powerful”.

One of the group’s recommendations was to consider conferences and webinars as a sales channel.  One of the members of the peer group had some experience in this and she suggested three possible companies that Projekt Rising might partner with to pursue this as an additional sales channel.  Tim is in the process of investigating this.  They have already made some changes to the way that they talk to their existing customers in terms of asking for referrals – where previously that had just happened on an ad hoc basis.  Now, on completion of a project, the customer is asked to complete an NPS survey of how they felt the work went.  If they respond as a promotor, they get an automatic message the next day asking whether they would like to refer them, with a discount for both parties. This seems to be working very well and already driving referrals up.

Tim attended a Peer Network session for 3 hours for every 2 weeks.  He felt that this worked very well.  This is the first time he has run a company that is actively scaling and having the peer network has given him the sounding board to explore some of the things that he was not sure about, or needed comfort over the decision he are making. Having the group environment for that is very valuable. 

Despite it being quite a time commitment for a busy business owner, Tim said it was quite a cathartic time commitment. 

It felt like a period of relaxation from the day to day of normal business.  A 3 hour session meant that the delegates were not thinking about work during it and were able to offer support and offer ideas. 

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