How Growth Works’ Grant Funding Unlocked The Next Step In Flusso’s Commercial Evolution

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The Company

Nominated by UK publication Electronics Weekly for an Elektra award as an international Start-up Electronics Business of the Year, our client, Flusso, is a genuinely innovative, ambitious and cutting-edge company spun out from Cambridge University.

Having developed the world’s smallest flow sensor, Flusso’s mission is to re-write the rules on flow sensing solutions used in low-cost, high-volume applications.

With Growth Works’ fully funded help, Flusso ramped up production, expanded its marketing strategy and now benefits from an international customer base.

“Growth Works has been very important to help build Flusso so that we could move from developing products to selling them all over the world. 

They can be helpful in so many ways. Not just grants but with advice, coaching and mentoring.”

The Challenge

Taking the company from research and development to fully realised commercialisation and industrialisation.

“Without grant funding, we would have been looking at delaying some activities or putting them on hold completely. 

For a start-up like ours, the last thing we want is to make those kinds of sacrifices.”

The evolutionary breakthrough of taking a company from R&D and on to marketing, sales and production is a daunting prospect for any organisation. A task made even more formidable when leading from the front as a global pioneer in your industry.

Despite these challenges, CEO and co-founder Dr Andrea De Luca was confident that Flusso’s innovations had proved their commercial viability and the time was right to take Flusso to the next level.

To make that leap successfully, Andrea was acutely aware of two strategically vital areas that required investment:

  • While Flusso had made considerable progress with lead generation, Andrea was aware there needed to be an increased focus on converting those leads into sales and developing a broader marketing strategy.
  • Designing innovative solutions is strategically important to Flusso’s ongoing growth and position as a trailblazer. To maintain this required additional equipment for its in-house new product development and testing facilities.

As expanding Flusso’s development, sales and marketing capabilities would require a recruitment drive and significant financing, Andrea began to explore avenues of funding available to small start-ups like Flusso. It was at this point that Andrea reached out to Growth Works.

The Solution

Flexible, tailored and fully funded growth support through assisted grant applications.

Andrea found working with Growth Works to be much easier and far more straightforward than he had anticipated. Their support and hands-on approach made the entire application process as hassle-free as possible.

“I was coming from an experience that applying for grants was a pain, but with Growth Works, it was the complete opposite.

The extremely light touch that Growth Works has makes the entire application very easy from a process point of view.”

Growth Works’ insights and deep knowledge of growth funding opportunities available to small businesses such as Flusso led to two funding applications. Both of which were successful:

  • A capital expenditure award to purchase new equipment and testing facilities that expanded R&D capabilities and enabled Flusso to explore new product designs.
  • A revenue grant allocated towards sales and marketing projects. These projects included investment in a dedicated CRM and marketing system and commissioning an external marketing consultancy to help strengthen online marketing activity.
Flusso has used one of its two grants from Growth Works to purchase additional test equipment for use in exploring new product designs within its R&D labs. Photo: Flusso Ltd

The Result

Successful growth funding helped Flusso ramp up development, expand marketing operations and increase sales.

“Growth Works fills a gap because as a regional organisation, they can be much closer to the many different types of small, local businesses they’re willing to help.

If you’re looking for funding, support or just advice, get in touch with Growth Works. You have nothing to lose. They will be extremely helpful and open doors for you.”

Thanks to Growth Works’ fully funded assistance, manufacturing and in-house product development has expanded, leading to new specialist roles in software engineering, data analytics and project management.

Sales and marketing operations have also ramped up, and Flusso has appointed seven distributors to handle an exceptional level of enquiries.

Although Flusso has achieved its immediate aim to move into production and is now selling its unique flow sensor to customers worldwide, Andrea doesn’t see that as the end of Flusso’s partnership with Growth Works:

We still have regular catch-ups, and the Growth Works team keeps me updated with any grants that are available. 

If Flusso needs any of Growth Works’ other services, such as coaching, funding or helping us find additional specialist expertise, I know they have my back if I need assistance that way.”

Dr Andrea De Luca is CEO and co-founder of Flusso.  He was named as a Young Engineer of the Year by The Royal Academy of Engineering in 2020 for his pioneering work in MEMS sensor development. Photo: Flusso Ltd

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